Four quick steps to finding your correct ski Helmet size

Four quick steps to finding your correct ski Helmet size

Amber shows us how to correctly measure our head to ensure we choose the right size ski helmet. Ski helmets need to enclose the head in a firm manner for safety and comfort.

Amber is demonstrating the┬áSalomon Custom Air helmet – to see our full range of Salomon ski helmets click here.


So take a tape measure. Make sure you’re measuring in centimetres. Wrap it around the top of your head, above the eyebrows, and across the temple. Don’t pull it too tight otherwise the helmet won’t fit properly. Take it off and then, see what you measured at, I measured at 55 centimetres, which is going to be an extra small helmet.

So when we’re trying on the helmet, what you’re going to need to do is put the end of your little finger, just between the temple and the edge of the helmet, you should be able to fit that in there nicely to ensure a good fit.

Also, what we’re going to do is if you’ve ordered a Custom Air helmet like I have, just give the Custom Air five or six pumps, should do it.

Before taking off the helmet you should always release the Custom Air, so just press the valve, which is on the right hand side of the helmet and you’ll feel all the air round the back of the helmet release and then you can take the helmet off.