Vans v Converse

Vans v Converse

It’s always been a tough choice for a classic skate style trainer each summer and non-more so than this year. The huge sway to mono coloured sneakers this year has seen a challenge as to who is better?

vans shoes trainers blue authenticConverse has been around since the early 1900’s and have long established roots in the Chuck Taylor All Star badge on the inside ankle that’s globally recognised. Whereas Vans Authentics boomed on to the scene in a global way with the red badge detail which spawned a huge range of colours, materials and eyelet colours yet still maintained the street appeal of Vans Skate Shoes.

Considering Vans has been around since the 1966 and yet Converse seems to have been around for ever, the popularity of both is vast and you could say equal amongst fellow canvas sneaker lovers. From 2012 the huge boom in Vans Authentic’s started to decline and the clever boffins at Vans design HQ dug into the original archives of the side stripe Old Skool which has now created an instantly recognisable silhouette that still maintains the credibility of the brand.

converse mens shoesVans has almost hit back with its skate park culture and BMX riding street kids which we feel are certainly more male based, whereas Converse has that trendy edge of them for the girls and even down to the cute kids wearing an All Star High Chuck Taylor Classic red boot.

red covers kids shoesSocial media seems to show more posts of pics of Converse All Star shoes close in the streets, at home, at work and at the park, whereas Vans seems to be more location based skate parks and posts that tie up with its origins. Could be coincidence but there is definitely a difference here with the consumers choice of footwear in the crowded vulcanised market.
So with the never ending choice of mono black and mono white finishes from both brands, the swing for us remains with Converse All Stars, and since the new logo application on the Converse All Star Ox Low last year, this has really driven desirability to show off more than just a classic plimsoll. It remains a must have classic that remains true to its roots with timeless style.

converse mens ox low black canvasUltimately though, the choice is yours. Do you see yourself as a music fan with bashed up old Converse, at music festivals each weekend and longing for the holidays? Or are you more a “rider” who loves the park, riding with mates and hanging out talking all things social media. #youdecide



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