The Latest Converse Shoes for Men

The Latest Converse Shoes for Men

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Landau are pleased to offer Converse footwear in range of styles and colours for men. We offer the iconic All Star Hi Tops and the equally popular Converse All Star Low as well as the All Star Ox.

Our Converse footwear range is now more extensive than ever and includes Converse Kid’s Footwear, Converse Infant shoes and Converse Crib shoes all in a variety of cool and original colours.

The history of the Converse shoe has its roots in the 1900s, when Marquis Mills Converse opened the Converse Rubber Show Company. The turning point for the company came with the release of the Converse All-Star basketball shoe in 1917. After huge growth and continual involvement with the National Basketball Association, the company was acquired in 2003 by Nike.